Moody’s Acquires Majority Stake in Vigeo Eiris

Moody’s Corporation announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Vigeo Eiris, leader in ESG research, data and assessments.

The acquisition is part of Moody’s wider objective of promoting global standards for ESG for use by market participants and reflects the progressive significancy that ESG analysis is acquiring in investment decisions.

“Vigeo Eiris has been a pioneer in bringing greater transparency and awareness of ESG and sustainability issues to market participants and has continued to innovate and expand as demand for this information has grown, Moody’s acquisition of a majority stake in Vigeo Eiris will contribute to the further development of leading ESG risk assessments, enabling the market to benefit from a global standard in assessing ESG considerations as part of their investment decisions.” said Myriam Durand, Global Head of Assessments at Moody’s Investors Service.

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