SVI Senior Partner conducting a workshop during “The Rights & Responsibility of Institutional Investors” 2019 edition

Daniela Carosio, SVI Senior Partner, intervenes during the 14th Annual “The Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors” held in Amsterdam as of March 7, 2019.

The Dark Side of Globalization?” is the question addressed by 2019 edition to explore the ways that senior management and officers from public pension, insurance funds and mutual funds across the world are meeting their fiduciary obligations and engagement goals.

After the panel discussion “Where Do Directors’ Responsibilities Begin and End? And Where Do Investors’?”, Daniela Carosio conducts a workshop entitled “The Big 4 Accounting Firms: Client Interest/Public Interest/Corporate Interest – Who Are They Serving?”, together with Cartica Management, LLC Managing Director, Mike Lubrano, and APG Legal and Tax Director, Roelof Goudswaard.

Indeed, the oligopolistic power of the biggest accounting firms continues to be a major corporate governance concern, as also evidenced by the multitude of scandals involving the Big 4. Through the workshop, the experts pose and try to answer a question: lacking some kind of supranational governmental and regulatory actions, is litigation the only means of affecting change?

For more insights in the topic, see the Summary of Professor Carosio’s presentation in the workshop.