Global political will to address global climate change

Ahead of the Madrid COP 25, António Guterres urges governments of the world to keep up with the urgency of the climate change. According to the Secretary – General of the UN, the lack of a global political will is compromising the quality and the functioning of the natural environment.

Technologies and economic resources are already at the disposal of governments to stop climate chaos. Moreover, civil society, public opinion and young people are mobilising to lead the world to a sustainable and planet-care way of living.

In 2020, countries have committed to updated climate political measures, but Guterres addresses countries for further investments to make the required changes to halt the exploitation of natural resources and to support poor nations.

Guterres’s call goes in line with COP 25’s objectives to foster climate actions in areas like finance, forests and agriculture, technology, indigenous peoples, gender and cities.

Such actions will have a global effect as long as governments work together with common goals and shared plans. COP 25 is also very much about this. “Building global climate-action momentum to protect our planet and our future”.

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