Surveys reveal high levels of scepticism on climate change in US

Yale program on climate change communication latest report reveals that seven in ten Americans think global warming is happening. But data show that three out of ten say “it is due mostly to natural changes in the environment“, showing a widespread scepticism on the subject

Another survey by YouGov makes comparisons between climate change perception across the world. The survey shows that the US is the country with higher scepticism of human impact on climate change, as it is almost three times the global average. The survey highlights that the US is also the country with the highest percentage of people believing climate change is not happening at all.

Surveys, furthermore, show a clear polarization on the subject between the two main American parties. In fact, 92% of Democrats say climate change is happening, and nearly all of those think it’s “caused at least equally by human activity and natural changes in the environment”. On the other hand, almost 56% of Republicans say they think climate change is happening, and only 41% think “human activities are a factor”. 

These results should be analyzed in relation to President Donald Trump‘s reckless climate change policy. After questioning climate change existence, he promised to pull the US out from the Paris Agreement making the US the only country to have started the withdraw procedure.

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