Daniela Carosio takes part to “The Rights & Responsibility of Institutional Investors” 2017 edition about Globalization and engagement strategies

SVI Senior Partner Daniela Carosio takes part to “The Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors” 12th edition as of March 10, 2017 in Amsterdam.

A large and variegated panel of guest speakers is involved in a two-day debate around “Globalization and Its Consequences for Responsible Shareholders“, main theme of the event.

The second part of the conference is designed to let delegates seat in small discussion groups and share their views on the engagement issues they are prioritizing in 2017 at their particular institutions, and why.

  • To answer the question “2017: What are your engagement priorities?” Professor Carosio leads the discussion group on the topic “Do Social Concerns Get Overlooked in Terms of ESG?” which asks delegates whether major social concerns such as labor and human rights, community rights and supply chain are overlooked in engagement by investors versus other main E and G topics.

The draft prepared to launch the discussion within this panel session of the conference is available at this link.