SVI supports Institutional Investors who have underwritten the UN PRI to implement them and to become more responsible investors, complying with their fiduciary duties and stewardship role. This includes: drafting the investment policies, the integration of ESG factors in the investment process, the execution of proxy voting and engagement, the final reporting, etc.
SVI supports Insurance Companies who have underwritten the UN PSI to implement them and also to become more sustainable Insurance Companies, supporting their L/T strategic objectives.


SVI supports Institutional Investors/Insurance Companies in all steps of their value chain and organization process, in such a way that the single investor/insurance company is able to have a complete view of the utility of the implementation of the UN PRI/PSI in his business model, is able to monitor the implementation of the Principles in a strategic way and in short time can become independent to control all the processes and the outputs which lead to the final report.

The advisory activity includes all asset classes in the Client’s portfolio (Equity, Bonds, Real Estates, Private Equity, Funds of Funds, Alternatives such as lands and commodities) and also offers integration of the ESG risks and opportunities evaluation in the traditional portfolio analysis.