SVI provides Institutional Investors with a Periodic Assessment Report. Each Report assesses, on a periodic basis, how the Investor’s portfolio – identified according to the guidelines expressed in the previously agreed Scope of the Activity –performs vis-à-vis his sustainability policy, with a quantitative and factual approach. The reports will be based on ESG Risk signals and ESG Ratings and Scores.

  • ESG Risk Signals: are synthetic indicators of ESG risk from 10 areas: Environment; Human rights; Labour rights; Health and safety; Customers; Suppliers; Corruption and bribery; Transparency; Tax.

  • ESG Ratings and Scores are synthetic performance indicators of the extra-financial, ESG analysis areas. The indicators are grouped in 3 categories: ESG.

This information facilitates a quick understanding of the key extra-financial areas of risk/opportunity.

The report will include a reference to any new initiative related to sustainable investment in the companies in portfolio developed at international level by international organizations and institutions (e.g. the IFC and the UNEP), university and academic institutions and not for profit organizations and / or a progress on the on-going initiatives. Periodic Report (annual or semi-annual ) ESG Risk Signals ESG Ratings & ESG Rating Signals.