SVI conducts engagement activities on behalf of institutional investors. SVI suggests engagement activities which address solutions to ESG risks in the portfolios of its clients. The engagement activities help the investors to be compliant with the UK Stewardship Code and other best practice codes and discharge their fiduciary duties. SVI provide the investors with a Periodic Assessment Report which assesses, on a periodic basis, the work in progress of the engagements activities and how the outcomes – identified according to the guidelines expressed in the previously agreed Scope of the Engagement Activity – perform vis-à-vis the investors’ sustainability policy and investment priorities, with a quantitative and factual approach.

ESG Engagement activities are conducted for a list of targets and can be conducted on a stand-alone basis or as collaborative engagement with other investors, conveying the corresponding total asset under management for the goal of the engagement. SVI provides institutional investors with an update report on the following:

  • ESG Engagement conducted activities

  • ESG Engagement Outcomes

  • ESG Engagement Exit Strategy.



Engagement on conflict minerals in the supply chain of ICT Companies


Engagement on human and labour rights in Bangladesh after the collapse of Plaza