The result is NO results. COP 25 terminates with no actions taken

“I am disappointed with the results of COP 25”

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres sentenced on Twitter on 15 December, 2019, at the end of the COP 25 closing plenary.

Time For Action” was the slogan unrolled at the start of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25). The delegations of the 196 signatory countries of the Paris Agreement and blocs from all over the world aimed at taking steps towards the full operationalization of the Paris Climate Change Agrement. However, negotiators did not find a common ground from which to tackle climate change, and everything that had built previously simply fell apart. 

Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile and COP 25 President, admitted that, despite all the efforts, negotiators have not reached full agreement over article six of the 2015 Paris Agreement. The conference was not expected to produce astonishingly breakthroughs on all issues. Nonetheless, solving technical details to create global carbon markets, which allows countries to offset their carbon emissions paying for carbon-reducing projects elsewhere, was negotiators’ main concern to work on more ambitious carbon targets.

On 12 December, 2019, we reported on observers at COP 25 saying that a deadlock was halting negotiations. Despite the closing plenary met with almost 40-hour delay, the agenda was postponed to being discussed at the next conference. The Government of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland offered to host it from Monday, 9 November, to Friday, 20 November 2020. Almost one year will pass before governments’ climate negotiators will meet to address climate change. Until that moment, actions to address climate change score a net zero result.

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