Oil industry refuses to back away from fossil fuels

“We will not be dinosaurs,” –said Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of Total,-“We’re going to be the energy company of the future, I’m convinced.”

On Monday few blocks away from the UN headquarter in New York, where 66 countries signed their intent to achieve zero carbon emission for 2050, 13 of the most important oil company attended Oil and Gas Climate Initiative meeting.

The 13 group’s members, which voluntary endorsed the 2015 Paris agreement, stressed the need for an increase in oil production to meet the growing demand. Darren Woods, ExxonMobil CEO, underlined the limits of cleaner energy and Ahmad al Khowaiter, chief technology officer at Saudi Aramco, the necessity of new investment in oil resources.

The spontaneous question that arises is whether governments are doing enough to convince these big companies to change their business models.

For further information, see the articles on the Financial Times and the Washington Post as of September 24, 2019 and on the New York Times as of September 23, 2019 as well as the link to the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative website: