Trump administration rolls back clean water rule

This is not the first case US moves back in environmental regulations under Trump administration. We already tackled the issue of methane emission limits in this article , while this is the turn of water.
During his campaign, Trump has already announced the intention to repeal the “Water of the United States” regulation that limits the usage of pollutants near streams, ponds and wetlands. This rule aimed at improving environmental protection, especially for small bodies of waters across the US, by enlarging the definition of “navigable waters”.
Farmers and manufacturers complained about it to the extent that, once elected, Mr Trump is now trying to roll back on the regulation.
While the big industry and farmers are celebrating, green groups take action.
Since his election, Trump has already step back on limits to “vehicle emissions, coal power and methane emissions“, by showing an alarming short-sight attitude and complete denial of the environmental issues at stake.

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