What we should learn from Virgin Group CEO

According to Financial Times, time has come for us and for companies to stop talking and starting taking serious actions towards climate change.

And this is what Virgin Group CEO, Josh Bayliss assessed in an interview with the Business Green news website. He pointed out the necessity for everyone to start asking themselves “do I really need to take this flight?”. Flights, in fact, keep burning jet fuel, which is polluting and impacts on climate change: so, it is important that everyone reflects on the impact that travels do have on global warming.

Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, cares about environmental themes. But nowadays, the majority of those entrepreneurs who claims to act sustainably, are more rhetorical than practical, as some examples shown in the Financial Times explain. But time is running out and global warming is something real that already has impacts on everyday lives: everyone should act, and we hope that Josh Bayliss speech will be taken as a positive example and as something we should all reflect on.

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