No new diesel car meets EU emissions standards, according to study

The environmental group that started Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal has recently published a research that shows that even the newest diesel vehicles fail to meet EU standards in real-world driving conditions.

Financial Times and major news provider reported the news today, following the Volkswagen scandal and the subsequent debate on diesel cars emissions. The International Council on Clean Transportation, an American non-profit company, conducted emissions tests across Europe, in order to provide consumers and municipalities reliable informations on pollution. The results were that both worst rated petrol vehicles and new models, who are supposed to be more environmentally friendly, are far from respecting the limits imposed by EU.

Car manufacturers have been protesting against diesel bans in European cities, stating that emissions from old diesel vehicles could be reduced with new softwares, while new diesel vehicles are clean. What this study is saying, is that car manufacturers are wrong and the information they provide are misleading.

The classification created by this study is also intended  to be a tool for consumers in order to truly understand whether their vehicle is clean or not and act subsequently or at least be more aware of their impact on global pollution.

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