Daniela Carosio participates to Green Investor Day 2015

Daniela Carosio, SVI Senior Partner, intervenes during Green Investor Day 2015 to contribute to the discussion on “The Green frontiers: Energetic Efficiency, Agribusiness and Biotechnology” (original title: “Le frontiere del green: Efficienza Energetica, Agribusiness e Biotecnologie”).

The event is the ideal place for the match between “green” and “innovative finance” topics and experienced representatives,  coming either from financial institutions, banks and companies top management.

Within this context, Professor Carosio addresses CSR and ESG analysis in Green Economy companies by discussing the relevance of ESG factors for business value and presenting an explicative case study on the topic.

During the event, it is presented the Report Green Economy on Capital Markets at its IV edition. The Report provides the economic and financial results of a sample of 91 listed companies from Green Economy, belonging to the 10 sectors mapped and identified as “green” in VedoGreen database. The Index and Executive Summary of the Report can be downloaded on VedoGreen website.

Further information on the event is available on Green Investor Day.