Daniela Carosio intervenes at IV Social Security Itinerary Istanbul on “Fiduciary duties and megatrend”

SVI Senior Partner Daniela Carosio intervenes during the seminar “IV Social Security Itinerary Istanbul” as of September 30, 2012 in quality of Institutional Relation Director of ECPI Indices.

In the speech “Fiduciary duties and megatrend” (original title: “Doveri fiduciari e megatrend”), Professor Carosio defines megatrend as trends with substantial impact on society that represent an investment opportunity for institutional investors.

Professor Carosio explains indeed what are the interests of beneficiaries and what pension funds subscribers expect in a medium and long-term horizon from a system subject to megatrends. She also shows some statistics of ECPI last four years strategy on megatrend’s performance.

The heart of the discussion is on fiduciary duties and the local impact of pension funds’ investments which pose some issues. 

To find more information on the matter, a summary of the speech is available.